Easy Iced Tea from Your Keurig

Use your Keurig Single-cup Coffee Maker to make iced-tea (one tea-bag for multiple servings)
There isn't the best variety of flavors/brands available in the disposable k-cups.  Try this method to expand your tea experience.  Its so easy, you've just GOT to try it!

What you'll need:
K-cup reusable filter
1 packet of black tea (or any tea, really)
1 glass full of ice
1 t sugar in the raw
1 slice lemon

Quickly wet your tea bag under the faucet and then place it into your K-cup reusable filter just as you would coffee grounds. Allow the tea tag to hang outside of the cup as shown.

Let it brew!  It's that easy.  Add 1 t of sugar (Sugar in the Raw is a personal favorite) if you like it sweet.  Add a slice of lemon to the glass of ice before brewing to infuse it with a hot citrus flavor.  

The beauty of using your own tea bag is that you can open and close the hatch to your Kuerig to reset it, and then reuse the same tea-bag multiple times.  Have a couple of glasses yourself or share one with your sweety!  It's an option but I like stonger tea, so I usually use a new bag each time.  I love love love a hot cup of peach tea late at night before bed. 



  1. Love our keurig but haven't found tea we like. Now we can use our fave kind. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks for reading and glad this post helped :) I really like Tazo teas - there are so many tasty flavors!

  2. Is the sugar put in the my k cup or in the glass?

    1. I just put it in the bottom of the glass before I press start, it mixes in completely as it brews.

  3. Since the tea is in a teabag, you really don't need to use the reusable filter. I use teabags, and Folgers coffee in bags, and stick them in the regular K-cup holder - and let the tag hang out like you mentioned. I get about 3 servings per bag.

  4. We are big tea drinkers, so I bought a separate K-cup filter for tea. And just like coffee I find I get a stronger tea if I grind the tea a little more. I can even get 2 cups of hot tea by doing that, but one is perfect for ice tea

  5. Great idea!!! Do you need to put the lid onto the k cup filter ?

  6. I usually prepare my tea in a glass with sugar, mix it up, and then pour it over ice.


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